School Talks

J A Henderson regularly gave talks and workshops at schools, libraries and book clubs throughout Scotland, England and Wales. He has begun to do the same in Australia with Brisbane author Jem McCusker – as the Green Light Literary Consultants.

However, he’s also happy to do Barbados or anywhere nice.  If you’d like Jan or Jem to visit your school or society or simply want more details contact

Teacher and Pupil Feedback

Elfed High School

‘J A Henderson visited our school as part of a scheme to enthuse reluctant boy readers in lower school; he certainly did that!  The boys were mesmerised by his stories.  Jan also worked with some of our more able and talented students and equally, they talked about his visit for weeks afterwards!  He engaged them in thinking about their future career and inspired them to write about their own plans for the future.’
Sarah Culshaw, Librarian

‘Really good, interesting and the funniest day of my life!  Your adventures have made me want to be an author!’
D.P., Pupil

Beath High School

‘You left an awesome impression on me. I used to think authors were quite dull and boring but you seem like such a laid-back cool (but crazy) guy. I love how you don’t mind expressing yourself, your intense curiosity and you’re simply hilarious.
It was very inspiring how anyone can become writer, not just people who have had that dream since they were a child or were the top English-geeks at school. I don’t think I could write a novel but you did help me realise that there’s more out there than I might think and to keep my options open. So thank you. And no my teachers didn’t make me do this, haha.’

N.T., Pupil

‘You are such a great guy 😀 You came to my school and talked about yourself and your jobs. It really made me laugh and I just wanted to say thanks 🙂 Please come back soon!’’
C.C., Pupil

Lasswade High School

‘Brilliant, funny but also inspiring.  He had my stomach sore, I was laughing so much.
H.F., Pupil

‘My friend and I thought we were going to listen to a boring writer that talked for hours in an expressionless voice.  We were wrong.  Your talk was brilliant…. I think you gave us great advice.’
H.H., Pupil

‘You single handedly have inspired me in a way I cannot describe’
M.Y., Pupil

Irvine Royal Academy

‘Sound guy, kept everyone happy.  Very imaginative, really enjoyed it.’
A.L., Pupil

‘Not like other writers, very different with good ideas.’
T.L., Pupil

Crieff High School

‘I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for a very entertaining afternoon.  You captured the attention of S1’s for an hour and that is some feat!’
Janice Bourelle, Librarian

Glenrothes High School

‘I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed listening to your journey on becoming a writer.  Wow, it was hilarious.  I’m going to sit and come up with a brilliant idea.’
H.G., Pupil

St Augustine School

‘Your talk was funny and everyone at school was talking about it.’
C.S., Pupil