Waiting for a Train That Never Comes


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Bobby Berlin’s father wakes up convinced the year is 1979

and he’s a teenage fugitive called Dodd Pollen.

Fleeing the city with his reluctant son in tow

they find the countryside inexplicably deserted.

And Bobby realises just how dangerous Dodd Pollen is…

Shortlisted for the Royal Mail Award, the Angus Book Award, the Manchester Book Award and the Boltona Book Award.

‘Enough pace and plot twists to keep fans of his action-packed debut happy, but this time there’s a little more room for his characters to breathe’ Scotsman Newspaper

 ‘Fast-moving, engrossing and extremely effective’ Carousel Magazine

 ‘A wonder in dramatic tension… there is a huge depth to this novel and coupled with the furious pace of the narrative drive, it left me unable to put this book down’ Vulpis Libris

 ‘An adventure story in the best tradition but it does have great thematic depth. Thouroughly enjoyable’ The Bookbag

 ‘J A Henderson has produced another taut thriller, which compels from the first page… strongly recommended’ Books For Keeps

 ‘Fantastic’ Teen Titles