Hide – Paperback


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How do you hide from a killer who nobody can remember?

Triple murderer R.D. Slaither is incarcerated in an asylum, yet he claims the real perpetrator is a psychopath nobody can remember. Is he truly insane, an innocent victim or a master manipulator with an audacious plan to ensure his freedom?

Detective Ettrick Sinclair sets out to find the truth and uncovers an incredible tale, involving a talking Longhorn Bull, an abused psychiatric patient, the car crash that killed R.D.’s son, a domineering father in law, a remote boathouse, the notorious Cherry Bomb serial killer, an experimental anti-depressant, the suspicious suicides of a young engineer and a truck driver – and Ettrick’s own babysitter. But his investigation sets in motion a horrific chain of events that will end in tragedy for both men.

Short-listed for the Fantastica Book Award