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I told my six year old, Harper, that Santa wouldn’t visit if he was naughty and, instead, he might be sold into slavery. He retorted that he might be naughty but I was actually evil. Later my three year old came up and hugged me.

‘You’re not really evil” she said. “But I know why Harper said it.” Why was that, sweetie?” “Cause he hates you.”
Anyway, my latest thriller ‘Burnt Out’ is now available. A suicidal teen and an illegal immigrant are trapped on the roof of a burning hospital, forgotten in the evacuation. Getting down to safety would be hard enough for an able bodied person.But one is in a wheelchair and the other has a broken leg.
A share of the profits will go to the Australian Fire Service.

Burnt Out

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a thriller called Burnt Out – about two disabled people trapped on top of a burning hospital, trying to make their way down – and the efforts of the fire-fighters attempting to rescue then. As I was finishing it, the Grenfell Tower fire in London happened, so I shelved it. Then I moved to Australia and, after two years and a continent of distance, had planned to bring it out on December 10th. Now half of Oz is burning and California is suffering too. I’m aware this is a sensitive issue and I’ve no wish to offend so, I talked to a lot of people (some with relatives who are fire-fighters) and they overwhelmingly supported bringing it out as planned, then donating some of the profits to the fire service.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Buy Burnt Out (E-book available now. Paperback edition available soon)

Out on Nov 5th!

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The anniversary edition of my award-winning thriller, ‘The Kirkfallen Stopwatch’ is out on Nov 5th.

A mass killer hunting his own daughter. A double murder in an idyllic community. A research facility overrun by ants. They’re all part of the biggest con trick in history.

Welcome to the island of Kirkfallen.

Winner of the Doncaster Book Award. Short-listed for the Leeds Book Award and RED Book Award.

You can also get it on Amazon here


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Nah, it’s not a threat. My 27th book is out on the 1st September 2019! 

Hide is an adult psychological thriller, short listed for the 2019 Fantastica Prize.  You can get it here or as as a paperback or e-book on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Hide is one of those novels you want to put down, but just can’t. Instead, you follow the characters into a twisted maze of human nastiness that is believable as it is inventive – because you just HAVE to know who did it and how. Henderson has a gift for quickly creating unique characters that act in horribly human ways. Some characters you love. Some you understand. Some you want to like, but suspect might not be terribly nice people. And he throws them into a thriller-murder mystery with so many twists and deftly-obscured clues it’s impossible to predict the end. I read it in one sitting. Then read it again.
If you love an impossible murder mystery and you love a good thriller, Hide is definitely the book for you.

Aiki Flinthart – author of the Shadows trilogy & the Kalima Chronicles

Anarchy in Woolworths

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When I was in primary school, I got the urge to travel and see a bit of the world. I hadn’t ventured too far from home before, because I lived on a rough Dundee housing estate where the ice cream van was called ‘Jack the Ripple’. So I bravely set out and discovered a Woolworths at the end of the block, which had a bargain book bin with tatty paperbacks for 5p each. Since pocket money hadn’t been invented yet, I bought as many as I could, with the money I had saved for cigarettes.
I can still recall the titles, in order of inappropriateness.

The Hot Rock by Donald E Westlake (Hilarious)
Freebie and the Bean by Paul Ross (Hilarious and filthy)
Through the Dark and Hairy Wood by Shaun Herron (Set during the N. Irish Troubles)
The Edge Westerns by George Gilman (Made American Psycho look cosy)
Nexus by Henry Miller (Probably shouldn’t have been sold to a child)

What was this mad stuff I’d discovered? It was challenging, exciting and forbidden. I dumped my Enid Blyton collection and vowed never to read a kid’s book again.

It’s a mindset I kept when I started writing teenage/YA novels. To me they’re just adult books with the swearing taken out. Younger readers can handle complex plots and ideas and don’t like to be talked down to. Adults can accept a few teenage characters. They were young once. A page turner should transcend age boundaries and that has always been my goal.

‘Bunker Ten’ was the first of these attempts. My publisher said it was too complex, violent and hard to categorize for teens and only brought it out ‘cause they’d paid the advance before they read it. It was short-listed for the Waterstone’s Book Prize, The Angus Book Award, the South Lanarkshire Book Award, The RED Award, the Stockport Book Prize – and won the Royal Mail Award. Voted for by kids.

Ironically, my favourite novel is for children – ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ by Alan Garner (read by mistake when I was in my 30’s). Yet it’s still a struggle to convince people that the same book can be enjoyed by adults and teens.

All it really takes is a bargain bin to get the ball rolling.

That’s why I’m giving away a free eBook of ‘Bunker Ten’ to anyone, of any age, who contacts me and asks for a copy. All I ask is that you tell people about the offer, so they can look up my website and get a free copy too!

Bunker 10

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Revised, Updated and Out on the 17th April. (E-Book on the 24th April)

Beneath Pinewood research facility are the two most dangerous creatures on earth. A little girl and a mouse.  And now they’ve escaped.

Age 13 – Adult

Winner of the Royal Mail Award. Short-listed for the Waterstone’s Book Prize, The Angus Book Award, the South Lanarkshire Book Award, The RED Award and the Stockport Book Prize


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Edinburgh: City if the Dead has been out of print for a while, so an updated, revised edition is finally out! City of the Dead: The Fascinating Supernatural History of Edinburgh is available here, or on Amazon and the E-Book Version comes out on the 24th. Subscribe to my website and you’ll also get a free eBook – the horror anthology Book of the Dead plus more free books and stories in the months to come.  

To All My Subscribers

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I’m updating my subscription service so that I can give away more free books and stories. Unfortunately, if you’re already a subscriber, the new system has to re-register you. Bummer.

But all you have to do is resubscribe on the website – and you get a free copy of Book of the Dead! Yaaay!

Latest Book!

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J A Henderson’s new book is out now! Does what it says on the tin. A comprehensive guide to Edinburgh’s New Town, including the history, attractions, landmarks, haunted sites, pubs and restaurants. Everything you ever wanted to know and some things you didn’t.
Available here from Amazon. Signed copes available from this website.
Published by Amberley Press 2018