About Jan

Born in 1962, Andrew Henderson was brought up in Dundee and Kirriemuir, Scotland.  He is now known as Jan for reasons that will probably never become clear.

He studied journalism at Napier University before gaining an M.A. in English and Philosophy from Edinburgh University in 1987.  Then he got a job as a dishwasher.  On holiday in the USA, he threw away his return ticket and spent the next seven years in the states.

A dazzling series of career moves followed – including financial consultant, pen engraver, factory worker, hospital domestic, graphic artist, cocktail barman, rubber stamp designer, script reader, call centre worker, pepper salesman, muralist, Easter bunny, balloon decorator, actor/writer/director at a children’s theatre in New York State, French waiter (complete with fake accent) in New York City and van driver in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (despite never having sat behind a wheel before).  He eventually ended up in a pornography store in Texas (working, not starring).  During this time he wrote and performed several plays, which met with decreasing financial and critical success.

Returning to Edinburgh in 1999, he founded (and still runs) Black Hart Entertainment (retail/publishing) and City of the Dead ghost tours, which requires him to wear black continuously. City of the Dead explores Edinburgh’s legendary Underground City and investigates the infamous MacKenzie Poltergeist, the best documented paranormal case of all time.

He also began writing books which, fortunately, did much better than his plays. He is now the author of 26 books and has been published in the UK, USA, Germany and the Czech Republic. He is represented by the Anne Clark Literary Agency.

As a child, Jan had four ambitions. Rock star, artist, writer and marine biologist.  Learning right handed guitar when he was actually left handed put paid to one career and not being able to swim scuppered another.  He does sell the occasional painting, however, and considers achieving two out of four goals to be pretty fortunate.

He lives now divides his time between Edinburgh and Brisbane, Australia – where he owns and runs the Green Light Literary Rescue Service – offering advice to budding writers.